Once there was this girl...

when you think you know someone and it feels great.. then everything falls apart..  why?
you think you can trust this person, and belive that you know how he/she feels about you.. but then it happens.. everything turns to chaos.. and then you don't know what to think about anything.. all this thoughts that pops up in your head.. where do they come from?! maybe they're nothing.. something your fucked up brain have maid up becuase you feel good for once.. but what IF theese thoughts are true, what should you do?! is it worth to try to make it better.. or should you just leave it and move on?
I don't even know why I write this in english.. everything is fucked up in my head.. maybe I write it in english because it isn't what I should, I don't want to do what I should.. I want to hide.. hide in the shadows of my past.. before everything became like this.. when everything was good.. why isn't it always like that? Can't everything bad just disapear and never come back..
Wht do I even think?! I would like to hide in some old small house in the forest for a while, where I don't need to think of anything.. I could just be! Listen to the birds and everything out there... but I guess it will never happen.. and if it does, it won't be as good as I want it to be..
I give up now! I have stuf to do.. will it never end?

Postat av: Emma

Vad har hänt? :(

2008-05-07 @ 23:00:49
URL: http://lollilockan.blogg.se
Postat av: Malena

Bara massa kaos överallt.. men det går nog över

2008-05-08 @ 08:53:36
URL: http://Malena1987.blogg.se
Postat av: Bill

känner igen de allt för mycke.. du har inte kikat in i mitt huvud va??

2008-05-08 @ 22:02:18
Postat av: Malena

nää jag har mina egna tankar.. behöver inte dina också bill :P

2008-05-09 @ 19:59:51
URL: http://Malena1987.blogg.se
Postat av: Bill

dom påminner väldans mycke om mina.. :)

2008-05-09 @ 22:46:59
Postat av: Malena

Man blir väl som man umgås.. på gott och ont ;P

2008-05-10 @ 17:40:50
URL: http://Malena1987.blogg.se

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